Secrets of a Lady

Secrets of a Lady - Tracy Grant We are into the final four weeks of what has been an eight-year wait. That's how long it's been since the hardcover publication of Beneath a Silent Moon in 2003, which is when I discovered Tracy's books through the recommendation of a fellow Pimpernel fan. The publication date for Vienna Waltz (under the name Teresa Grant) is March 29th. In celebration, I'm reading my Charles and Mélanie books again. (Okay, yes. I've been privileged enough to read not one but two of her books in manuscript form, but the release marks being able to discuss them with friends.)On this read-through of Secrets of a Lady, I found myself fascinated by the progressive self-discovery (self-realization might be a better word) that Charles experiences through the book. In the first moments after Mélanie's confession, he's so overwhelmed by anger that he puts his fist through a wall and calls her some rather choice names. As the story progresses however, he starts to wonder whether her sins are really ones of kind, or merely of degree. Grant uses a deft touch here, never pushing Charles too far at once. And, of course, I was caught up once again in the race for Colin's safety. Though I'm not a mother, there are some kids in the world I kinda like. Grant skillfully allows Colin to grab hold of your heartstrings in the first pages, then gives them a few painful twists as her plot develops. I've said it before, but here it is again. Read Tracy's books. They are brilliant.