The Taming

The Taming - Teresa Toten, Eric Walters No one is more shocked than Katie herself when she's cast in the role of Katherina in the school's production of The Taming of the Shrew, and to her even greater surprise, she finds that she loves acting. After years of trying to be invisible, she's found a safe way to let everyone see her. One of those people is Evan, new to their school after being kicked out of yet another private academy, for reasons that are slightly unclear and which Evan insists are unfair. He becomes Katie's biggest fan, then her boyfriend, and she quickly comes to depend on his support above everything else, terrified of losing it. Told alternately from Katie's and Evan's points of view, the authors have created a wonderful masterwork of a relationship going bad. Evan's voice starts out with subtle hints and by the time you realize how bad things are going to get, Katie's already in too deep. That said, Evan's story does not strip you of all sympathy with him, the authors show us that there is something very wrong with this boy, but under different circumstances the switch might never have flipped. Exceedingly well done. I've already passed it on to Co-worker C in hopes of getting the teen book club to read it.