Letter to My Daughter

Letter to My Daughter - Maya Angelou I had been meaning to read work by Maya Angelou for a while, so when I was sitting in a local writers' group's library I slipped one of her volumes of poetry from the shelft and started flipping through it, reading the shorter poems (though none were terribly long). I'm not a poetry fan by any means, but I fell in love with Angelou's right there. As always, once put in the To Be Read Pile (or, more accurately, the To Be Read Database) it did take me a while to find time for her. When I finally did, I chose Letter to My Daughter as Angelou definitely seems like someone from whom I want to take advice. My disapointment with the book, if I have one, is that, though the book is dedicated to Angelou's daughters in the world (she has no biological daughter), the advice therein is not direct, but more to be gleaned from the various stories, essays, rants and poems that make up the volume. The book takes no more than a couple of hours to read, but definitely leaves one with the desire to flip back to the beginning and read the whole thing again, which I'm certain I'm going to do, I hope sooner rather than later.