Stoneheart #3: Silvertongue - Audio

Stoneheart #3: Silvertongue - Audio - Charlie Fletcher This review may contain minor spoilers for Stoneheart and Ironhand by Charlie FletcherThe last book in a trilogy or series is both blessed and cursed. Blessed, because the books that have come before it have done a lot of the work ahead of time. Most readers, at this point, know the characters and the world, liking both enough to want to return. Cursed, because the ending to the series can have a backward effect on what came before it.Silvertongue has the same great world as Stoneheart and Ironhand, and I continue to be impressed by Charlie Fletcher's imagination in creating similes. In that sense, it's a worthy completion of the series.At the same time, Silvertongue did not have the plot I expected after reading the first two books. To start, the antagonist changed with the end of Ironhand. Yes, we get the battle that the Gunner promised with his first words to George in Stoneheart when he asked (though I'm paraphrasing here) whether George knew what he had started. The trouble is, though the animosity between the Spits and Taints has simmered throughout the last two books, the war only begins when this new antagonist appears. How could the Gunner predict everything would lead to precisely this situation?Fletcher is also a little guilty of "putting doors in blind alleys", in that he does add information early in the book to explain a deus ex machina. The trouble is, even foreshadowed, it's still machina.That said, I would still highly recommend this book. The sections about Edie seeking out her mother and her journey through the past brought tears to my eyes in parts. I've already checked whether Fletcher has more novels, and indeed he does: from the description, Far Rockaway must be read with all due haste.This review also appears at Boxes of Paper.