Last Night's Scandal

Last Night's Scandal - Loretta Chase Two best friends falling in love? -- well, I'm hooked! Bring it on! And I did enjoy it. I was a little disappointed that Chase managed the "love at first sight" scene despite the characters knowing each other from childhood (they've been apart for years and have corresponded), but this is pure personal taste. I'm still waiting for that perfectly rendered moment when one realizes one is in love with the person one sees everyday. Someday I'll find it. (Or, even better, write it.) Chase has a great ear for dialogue. I did adore the banter between her hero and heroine, especially (as my friend Catherine pointed out and made me want to read this book) the hero calling the heroine's breasts "satanic". The plotline was slightly unsatisfying, again for personal-taste reasons. Lisle has a love of Egypt that is almost too strong for me to believe him to ever be happy in Britain. Olivia would never be happy on the kind of archeological dig that would be like a home to Lisle. Realistic, yes. And for that I applaud Chase. But it does sit oddly with the romance genre. Still, a satisfying read and definitely an author I will try again.