The God Delusion

The God Delusion (MP3 Book) - Richard Dawkins I will probably have to revisit this book in print format. There are dozen of passages I want to re-read/quote, but can't recall clearly. This is the downfall of audiobooks, of course, but it's better to "skim" in this fashion than not to read the books at all. There are passages in the book that make you want to cry as Dawkins introduces you to the beauty and magic of the universe and ourselves, all without making recourse to God. He touches on biology, psychology, cosmology, geology and many other sciences. As I listened, I started to wonder how much more detail on these I will find in his newest book The Magic of Reality. I may also have found a new passion in the subject of evolutionary psychology. I will admit that I found a major annoyance in Dawkins's assumption that education/intelligence produces atheists. I wanted to scream at him "correlation is not causation". Dawkins even shows cracks the theory with several anecdotes of highly educated people who, when faced with the conflict between their extensive scientific education and a literal interpretation of the Bible, decide to turn their backs on their education (and in some cases what promised to be shining careers). This book would have gotten a higher rating, but for the reading format. The book is read by Dawkins and by Lalla Ward. At first, it seemed that Dawkins was reading the narration and Ward the extensive quotations. Further along, that format fell apart and the readers seemed to switch back and forth at random. This is yet another reason I'd like to re-read the book, as I spent a great deal of my listening time in a state of annoyance.