The Wide-Awake Princess (Tales of the Wide-Awake Princess)

The Wide-Awake Princess - E.D. Baker Sleeping Beauty's little sister? Really? Sweet!King Halbert and Queen Karolina are terrified that their second daughter Annabelle will be cursed just like her older sister Gwendolyn, so in a fit of panic, they allow Moonbeam the fairy to grant her one magical gift -- the gift of being impervious to magic. When Gwendolyn's spell is fulfilled, Annie alone is left awake in the sleeping palace. With the help of one of her father's guards, Liam, she sets out to find her sister's true love. But exactly who is that? Prince Digby, the dolt who was courting her? Possibly. But just in case, Annie and Liam start rounding up princes. After all, can't hurt to have some backups, can it? Sprinkled through the story are many well known characters from both Brothers Grimm and H. C. Andersen fairy tales. In the style of Sondheim's Into the Woods, Baker has more than a little fun in weaving the roles together in unexpected ways.