Stardust - Neil Gaiman I have a new dream. When I get Ghita's story published, I would like a Neil Gaiman blurb on the cover, please. I've been reading Gaiman's blog and following him on Twitter for ages, as I tend to do with authors who have been recommended to me. If I like them, I tend to eventually try their books. I'd read a couple picture books of Gaiman's before but this was the first novel I tried. Stardust was, for me, just delightful and pretty darn close to perfect. It's the kind of story I want Ghita's to be, magical and mysterious with just a little bit of darkness under the surface. Gaiman, with a few deft strokes, paints just enough of the horizon that we can see Faerie going on forever, with myriad adventures happening within it's unmappable confines. The story seems to start several times, first with Durstan Thorn and then again with his son Tristan, but if one leaves oneself in Gaiman's capable hands one finds that the story started just where it should and fits perfectly with the final, slightly melancholy conclusion.