Shut Out

Shut Out - Kody Keplinger This volume was required reading for me, as it's a modern retelling of Aristophanes's Lysistrata: the first novel-length story I ever completed was also a retelling of that play, mine being set in the Pimpernel fandom. The "war" in Shut Out is a years-long feud between the high school football and soccer teams. Lissa is tired of her quarterback boyfriend abandoning her to play stupid pranks on the soccer players. When kids start getting hurt, Lissa decides things have gone too far. What I loved about this book is how Keplinger uses the plot and characters to normalize various attitudes about sex and to point out many of the double standards that exist in the lives of boys and girls respectively in the crazy world that is high school. Keplinger is not much older than her characters (she is currently twenty) and I think the freshness of her experience helped in the execution of this book. As someone older, I will admit a little worry at the lack of discussion of safe sex, but I'll admit that might have made the book rather heavier in tone than it otherwise is.