Changeless  - Gail Carriger In Changeless, a miasma of normalcy settles over London, turning vampire and werewolf back into humans. The phenomenon then relocates itself to Scotland, coincidentally to the home of Lord Maccon's former pack -- a pack he abandoned. The world and premise put forth in Soulless is nicely expanded in Changeless and Carriger is using the format of the series to great effect providing a nice cliffhanger -- twisting my rubber arm into reading the next one as soon as I can. While just as enjoyable, I do feel this second novel suffers from the second-book-deadline-rush. The subplots seemed to come together out of coincidence large enough to break my suspension of disbelief. Also, some of the secondary characters delved a little further into caricature than really necessary, taking their archetypes past amusing and into mocking.Again, Carriger pulls through due to her entertaining bending of history into her supernatural world. Changelss is more definitively alternate fiction than was Soulless, being complete with passenger airship companies and the aethograph has outstrip the telegraph, which sadly never came to much. It continues to be an entertaining series. I look forward to reading Blameless sometime in the near future.Cate