Impossible - Nancy Werlin The Scarborough girls are cursed. Each one, at eighteen, has found herself pregnant. Each one, at eighteen, has gone insane. They have passed down one thing to each other: a song. Are you going to Scarborough Fair...Lucy Scarborough has something more, though. Thanks to her mothers (both biological and foster) she had a few precious hints. If she can complete the three "impossible tasks" before the birth of her daughter, she can break the curse. I've loved other book inspired by old ballads, but Impossible is something a little different. Rather than a historical novel where the plot is a possible inspiration for the ballad, we have a contemporary novel where the song lyrics change the plot. It's an imaginative twist on one of my favourite sub-genres. I love that when I first started to puzzle out the riddle of the magic seamless shirt, my first instinct was the same as the characters'. And then there's Zach. Within the first twenty or so pages, I adored Zach, perhaps because his thoughts regarding Lucy reminds me so much of how Jack thinks of Sophia -- though Zach is a bit more self-aware than Jack and has fewer Daddy-issues. ;) I did find some of the narrative shifts (the novel is written in alternating third person) to be slightly rough, but that's a minor quibble in an excellent and entertaining read.