Sidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to Paradise

Sidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to Paradise - Pam Young, Peggy Jones, Sydney Craft Rozen Yay!  I have a new condo!In the midst of packing to move into said condo, I came across my old S.H.E. cardfile, the system of home organization outlined by the sisters who wrote this book.What entertained me was how much the S.H.E. system fits a problem I was having with my Getting Things Done* software (Omnifocus).  While OF is great for projects, I'm disorganizing enough that I need reminders for household tasks like taking out the recycling and washing out the kitchen cabinets.  The S.H.E. cardfile allows me to keep those tasks circulating in their own little system, leaving an uncluttered Omnifocus for the larger, more fun projects (like this blog).The book, while updated to include the idea of using a computer instead of a cardfile (ironically, they recommend Lotus Notes, which is a GTD-friendly software), but a great deal of the text is starting to show its age.  Most of the book is written under the assumption that the reader is a stay-at-home mom, with only a slight nod to those women who work outside the home.  Moms who work exclusively in the home are becoming more and more rare and I do feel that the authors' have not shifted their message with that change in audience.The authors also have a strong sense of spirituality, which is wonderful, but it does come across slightly awkwardly, such as in assuming that the reader's family attends church on Sunday, and in making other references that assume they are speaking to a member of a Christian home.These flaws are slight however, and in settling into my new place, I'm finding a great deal of joy in re-implementing and expanding my cardfile.  It's a lovely feeling knowing that you'll clean the grout in the shower when it's time and you don't have to worry about it until then.Cate*Getting Things Done is a book (and system) by David Allen.This review also appears at Boxes of Paper.