A Night Like This

A Night Like This  - Julia Quinn Dear Julia,I think we should break up. We're only staying together for the sake of our mutual friends. You know the magic is gone. I confess, I've been seeing other writers. I know you've been seeing other readers. It's not that you haven't been trying. I'm pleased that you've dropped those undiagnosable-maladies-du-jour. The last couple of books have had, if not perfectly healthy heroes and heroines, at least ones that did not consider themselves bizzare or insane due to a condition their time had little hope of understanding. I should have been careful what I wished for. The trouble is, your plots now feel a bit lackluster. Looking back, I realize that those earliest maladies-du-jour did affect the plot -- one of my favourites being the bit with the beesting allergies in The Viscount Who Loved Me, the first of your books I read. It was when they became a trademark of yours that I feel like they started to fail you. You started to depend on them to liven up your books. It did work, for a time. But now, without them, your characters don't have much depth. All of the things keeping the characters apart are external rather than internal. Anne thinks people are tryng to kill her. Daniel thinks people are trying to kill him. Exciting, yes, if you're looking for an action novel. I'm looking for the character development you had in your Bridgerton novels. The trouble is, you always, always, put in one little bit that intrigues me enough to read "just one more book". In this one, it's Hugh. I was horrified by Hugh's threats to his father and what that meant for Hugh's mental state. So of course I need to read his novel, if and when you write it. In the end, it seems I still can't do it. I wish I knew how you quit you. Love (it seems) always,Cate