The Art of Coarse Acting , Revised Edition

The art of coarse acting - Michael Frederick Green This book brought me firmly back to my time in the theatre, first local amateur productions of things like HMS Pinafore and Oliver! and then my time in the drama department of the University of Lethbridge. It's not surprsing that this volume has made it into the required reading lists of drama departments. It's a perfect treatise on what not to do if you'd like to be a professional in the theatre. Not that all professionals heed it's advice, or course. With instructions on such important topics as a Simple Way of Wrecking a Play and How to be Conspicuous as well as a much needed examination of why Shakespeare's clowns are his least funny characters, The Art of Coarse Acting is the perfect guide for the amateur who thinks a bit too well of themselves. And lest you think Greene neglects those offstage, he is careful to point out such treasures as the All Purpose Coarse Costume which can represent centuries in a single look, and reassures stage managers that they deserve their moment on stage as much as the actors do. Rounding up the volume with the all-purpose Coarse play, 'Tis Pity She's the Merry Wife of Henry VI (Part One), a tragi-comedy-history, one is left in a much better position to truely appreciate the art that is Coarse acting.